I have started writing because I think what I am experiencing has a meaning.

I believe in some kind of fate, in something that has been written. Quoting The Alchemist, written by Coelho, I think that "the soul of the world" is sending me the right signals to push me to tell my story so that my experience can help people like me, who are afraid of the world out there. People whose skin is too thin to deal with society. I feel like I have been chosen for this task because I have learned to endure the effort.

Initially, my idea was to use the online forum to get in touch with the "frightened." I guess there are dozens forums about "remedies against anxiety." While I was writing, I realized that moment was complicated and that a few lines here and there won't have been enough to describe it.

That's how this project started. Even if it is true that every person follows a personal path, it can resemble other people's ways too. During these moments it instills courage and desire to live when you get to know the story of people who experienced the same emotions, and when you discover that there is a way out.


It may seem contradictory, but I have to admit that, until now, it has been different for me. I have always avoided finding other cases because I was afraid of finding something that could have discouraged me. Every drop of courage is as precious as a drop of gold.

It's the second time that I am walking this path, and I know for sure that, in the end, it will be a painful enhancement of myself, a mandatory path, it cannot be avoided, it's part of me, it's hidden inside me.